THIS can be your bread and butter if you are or know someone in sales… even if you are not, this model is so powerful because basically you are allowing a bar to gather customers under your line and you don’t have to do ANYTHING after signing the owner/GM up.  The hardest part is getting to the decision maker in a larger organization.  The smaller bar in your town with a few TV’s a football on Sundays, they should be a piece of cake!

Remember, early bird GETS THE WORM!.  We should have every sports bar under your control in your whole city and metropolitan area, maybe more, because every additional client means AWESOME RESIDUAL INCOME for us forever… well as long as sports exists.  But time is against us, and I think 1-3 weeks of super hard work will be really fruitful for the rest of our lives.Then guess what?  We can sign up people in Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, etc., and train one of THOSE sales guys on how to do this and run their town.  And we get residual from THEM as well, see the picture?  Or if you want, you can go to the rest of Texas, if you gonna close like 50 bars in one road trip, heck its worth it right?  Do that a few times, we get 200-300 bars, well… income will be SICK.

(This is as CONSERVATIVE as I can make it)

  • You get 5 bar owners
  • Each bar owner gets 10 wait staff as affiliates as well (might be an accurate #)
  • Each wait staff gets a TOTAL of 100 players signed up (throughout the weekend/Monday night etc…)
  • Each player signs up just ONE more player each, and lets just end it there for now (although you do realize this line can do down forever right?  So again SUPER conservative)
  • Each player plays just 5 tokens, ALL FOR FREE, per week, 20 per month (this means NO ONE EVER BUYS ONE COIN, EVER… which is kind of unrealistic, but again, CONSERVATIVE ESTIMATE)

  5 owners x 10 waiters x (100+100) players x 5 tokens x 4 weeks in month

= 200,000 tokens played per month
= 200,000 x 10 cents = $20,000 per month

Now because this is down 2 lines (from the wait staff to the bar owner to you) the math for our payouts are:

  • The aggregate wait staff earns $20k/mo
  • The owner makes $10k/mo
  • You make $5000/mo

In this super conservative model, JUST FROM the bars, and assuming NO ONE else will sign up after those 100 people, ever, again….. very unrealistic. And if the owner decides he doesn’t need his weight staff helping, your income doubles again because that is one less tier down you have to share with, you are directly above the owner who is directly above the actual player, no wait staff in between.

And this doesn’t include the commissions when they SPEND their coins… thats another couple of percent.  There is also CHECK MATCH, where you get another bonus from that.  Look at the commission structure PDF for details.

Lots of bars to visit and tons of people to contact.

This is John’s video:

The PDF is in

Also watch the content I have on my web page

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