FireFan Review Intro

There is a new player in the sports and app world, and it just launched on Thanksgiving 2016.  This “live sports interaction” is on track to break every first day/week download record in history, including Pokemon.  It already boasts over a million players in the app, with absolutely no outside advertising.  It will include live play with games in the NFL, followed shortly by NBA, Premier League, LaLiga and other European soccer leagues.  Sometime thereafter, they have plans to include games from the MLS, World Soccer, MLB, cricket, rugby, tennis, golf, NHL, table tennis, badminton, NASCAR and more.  The gameplay will remain the same, so the only variable would be to obtain the rights and package for the live sports data for each of those venues.

This is FireFan… and is available on iOS and Android.






What is FireFan?

FireFan is based on a new gaming platform called sports interaction. It is another gamification of live sports data that many high end investors knew about months ago. This includes Michael Jordan, Mark Cuban, and Ted Leonsis, owner of the Washington Wizards. They had made investments of over $44 million with Sportradar, one of the leading live sports data providers. Companies like Draft Kings and Fan Duel all use gamification data to run their live billion dollar operations. Now the mobile app world is catching up to take the other 70% of potential target players who do not want to gamble with real money and who do not fancy fantasy sports.

Who Created FireFan?

The app development company responsible for creating FireFan, United Games, is run by two high end executives formerly from Nu Skin, a billion dollar network marketing firm. The vision was created by Jeff Henderson, CEO, and the promotions and marketing are headed by CMO Natalyn Lewis. The game is designed by Mark Mongie, who was the creative director at EA Sports before he came over to United Games to develop this app. He was responsible for making Madden & NCAA football, NASCAR, Tiger Woods, and some of the leading and best selling video games in the world. He has been quoted as saying this new mobile app is his “Mona Lisa.”  Such is a divinely high praise for someone as accomplished as him. He also brought over with him some of his associates from Disney-Pixar to help with the design of the UI/UX and make it look as gorgeous as it is fun to play.

Pre-launch, they had accumulated over approximately 1 million pre-registered players.  That is the highest number of pre-registered users for an app in history.  Beta-testing continued for a few weeks before it was announced that quite possibly the most significant game since Madden NFL, Angry Birds and Candy Crush was ready to be released to the world.

Corporate believes the game is so addictive and fun to play, especially for sports fans, that it won’t be long until every fan with a smartphone will be playing along with this sports interaction app while watching a live game on TV or in the stadiums.  Players will be allowed to play, compete and interact with celebrities and professional athletes like Kevin Garnett, Manny Pacquiao, LaDanian Tomlinson, Evander Holyfield, Ryon Lochte, Brian Urlacher and many others added every day including actors, Playboy Playmates, and more who are already in the game and playing with fans during NFL games.

How Do You Play FireFan?

The gameplay involves a prediction model where the player is asked a question during the lives games on what action will happen. Questions can vary from simple ones such as “Who will win the game” to “How many passing yards will a quarterback have in the second half?”  New questions pop up with a notification mostly during change of possessions for NFL games.  There are usually 4-5 questions per change of possession, and each question can offer different amount of points for correct answers.  The social aspect is also highly emphasized, as they attempt to be the “Facebook of the sports app world.”  You will be able to chat, form group games, leagues and teams.  Players will compete in game with friends and celebrities alike, and earn lifetime achievement points. These points may also be redeemed at a later date for prizes such as sports gear, game tickets, electronics and even a brand new car.  The rewards system works very similarly to the current ones in place by American Express, MasterCard and Visa credit cards. It gives added incentive for an already competitive sports fan base to play more often, and that benefits everyone.

Is FireFan Free to Play?

FireFan operates under the freemium model, just like Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Clash of Clans, which has been highly successful in recent years. Each of these companies make well over $1 billion revenue per year, millions of dollars every day.  Almost all their revenue comes from ads, and some come from in-app purchases and upgrades. This is the current and future world of mobile apps and possibly other platforms. FireFan hopes to break the records of those games in player engagement, traffic, and overall revenue as well.  After all, they are targeting sports, the single most engaging activity that bonds the world with over 6 billion fans.

All basic gameplay can be free by watching ads or partaking in certain actions that may or may not cost money.  Tokens to play more games can always be purchased in the built in store with varying amounts of quantities.  This process is still in its infancy, so we will report back when they introduce clear cut figures for all users.  The ad based free play will be activated i the coming weeks.

World Sports Targets and Potential

One of the reasons the braintrust at United Games is so optmistic on the future of FireFan is because of the target market.  Although they only have the NFL module active today, the beadth of world sports they will introduce into the future gameplay is gaudy and aggressive.  This is a brand new platform in an untested market, so the conversion numbers are wild estimates at best, but what are facts are the number of sports fans in all the sports FireFan will support at some point.

Here are some estimates accrued from various online sources:

Soccer (3.5 billion)
Cricket (2.5 billion)
Tennis (1 billion)
Table tennis (850 million)
Baseball (500 million)
Golf (450 million)
Basketball (400 million)
American Football (400 million)

The numbers look promising indeed, but only time will tell if it will be the minority or majority that will be on their phones making guesses on the future of sports.

We will release another FireFan review update when the app reaches its next level of updates and even more celebrities have possibly joined.