Hey guys! This is the first post.
All posts will be listed chronologically from here on upwards.

This does NOT mean everything from here up should be done in that order, that is for you to decide what is right for you or not, so feel free to ask me if not sure, but from my wording, most should be fairly obvious, so don’t be afraid to use your ingenuity and creativity!

From what I know, the MOST important factors to your success:

  1. Read and listen to the advice that is given, don’t just wing it on your own or else you will waste more time than the couple of hours you could have spent learning the material.
  2. Ask questions BEFORE making mistakes… time is short, do not lose leads because you decided to “give it a try.”  Learn properly, be efficient.
  3. Request a 3-way chat or call with me or one of the higher ups if we can get more than a couple of people on the call.  Until you learn this business inside-out, do what it takes to take pressure off yourself and move forward.  This isn’t for everyone, so if you run into people who are not into what you say, move on, it’ll be a waste of time, trust me, they can’t all be like us!  🙂
  4. Allocate TIME… this IS some sort of business, a freelance business, so the time you put in DIRECTLY equates to revenue generated, it really does.
  5. You NEVER know who you will meet.  You may think that quite secretary in the office or on LinkedIn can’t be a good target, but she may secretly be a die hard Cowboys fan or may have a husband who is the President of the Sports Charity Organization of Texas.  Get my drift?

More to come… move your eyes up!